Hazen and Sawyer’s Board of Directors wanted to reduce man-hours and expense for proposal production. Departments disagreed about responsibilities and timelines. Version control was a constant problem.


I worked with several departments to determine the needs of each and eliminate pain points. I analyzed what worked and utilized those strengths to develop a process that ensured each team had the information, tools, and skills they needed to get the job done.

 I replaced a 40-page SOP memo with simple checklists. 


I trained the proposal production staff in InDesign.

I worked with department supervisors to clearly delineate responsibilities.

 I automated the flow from MS Word to InDesign to their production printer. 


I managed the transition of existing templates from Quark to InDesign.

I managed the digitization of their paper proposal library, moving it to SharePoint.


I streamlined their proposal production workflow, leading to a better understanding of roles and responsibilities, a reduction in hours billed, and increasing the number of winning proposals by 50%.

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