The Client

The Caregiver Space is a startup nonprofit dedicated to supporting caregivers.

The Challenge

When I came on board, The Caregiver Space had a website that was unbearably slow, had broken forums, and no one on staff knew how to update. They already had a website development contract, but it was 4 months past the delivery date.

The site they delivered crashed every time 100 people visited the site at once and had numerous broken features – including hundreds of missing images and 67 missing posts. They changed all of the URLs, so all of our inbound links resulted in 404s.

The same team was providing SEO services and engaging in black hat tactics, including thousands of spam forum/comment posts over 2 years.

Their Facebook page was active and growing, but engagement was dropping with each algorithm change. Community members were sharing private information on the Facebook page, resulting in several members being fired for HIPPA violations.

The Solution

I migrated all existing content from Drupal to WordPress. I launched a new website, built new forums, and implemented live chats.

I repaired on-page SEO. I located and removed 4 duplicate websites. I contacted inbound links and provided them with corrected URLs. I set up 301 redirects for key posts and disavowed spam links.

I developed a new content strategy based on analytics. Rather than exclusively focusing on wellness, The Caregiver Space now publishes well-researched articles and guides. Fact-based content brings traffic to our site; visitors then return for our wellness content. I’ve developed relationships with a wide array of healthcare experts and caregivers in order to create a website with professional articles and authentic stories.

I expanded our ‘caregiver stories’ section by having bloggers move their content from Blogger, Tumblr,, and LiveJournal to The Caregiver Space. Monthly unique visits increased 10x and each blogger enjoys a greatly increased readership.

In order to bring on remote volunteers and authors, I implemented Google Apps and implemented a new project management workflow using Trello and Google Drive.


visitors return 10x each month
Average time on site is up 120% to 14.5 minutes
Facebook likes
Bounce rate is down 19%
  • Search engine traffic increased 5x overnight after launch
  • Average daily page views per visitor climbed 110% to 6.9
  • Page load time went from 117 to 6 seconds
  • I saved $45,000/year by bringing web development and SEO services in-house
  • I reduced hosting costs by 78%
  • I eliminated costs for cloud storage, email hosting, and online advertising by implementing Google for Nonprofits

While many nonprofits are seeing their Facebook engagement rates plummet, The Caregiver Space’s engagement rate remains steady. Their engagement levels are on par with organizations more than twice their size. Their audience is growing at a steady pace without the use of paid advertisements.

google analytics visitor map

The Caregiver Space now gets visitors from around the world

Our Facebook audience is growing organically each month
weekly organic Facebook reach
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